Outdoor 'Showers' at Auschwitz Reportedly Irk Israeli Tourists

External sprinklers reportedly placed in death camp to help deal with the summer heat touches historical nerve for some tourists.

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Main gate of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz, in Poland, which was liberated by the Russians, in January 1945.Credit: AP

External sprinklers purportedly set up at the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp has angered Israeli tourists, who reportedly claimed the so-called showers are historically insensitive due to the Nazi ruse used to get prisoners to enter gas chambers.

In an image purportedly sent in by angry Israeli tourists and posted on the popular Tzinor Facebook page, the external sprinkler system can be seen at the entrance to the death camp. The post claimed that though the sprinklers were set up to deal with the summer heat, some Israelis were not pleased.

Though most of the comments on the post poked fun at the image, with one user urging tourists "not to fall for the same trick again," others expressed anger.

Israeli site Ynet, that also posted the image, quoted an Israeli who was at the site. "When we got off the bus I saw the sprinklers. I was in shock. I felt my stomach turn over," an Israeli identified as Meir Bolka said. He then reportedly went to ask the adjacent information kiosk about the sprinklers: "(The woman at the desk) told me that it's because it was a hot day. So I told her: 'With all due respect, it reminds me of the gas chambers'. She said she was sorry."

"I think that places like this need to think of the connotations these types of things can inspire," he said.

Between 1942 and 1945, well over a million Jews, Gypsies, and Soviet POWs were murdered in the complex. Those who weren't annihilated with in the Nazi's gas chambers died of starvation and disease.