Should Jews Host 'Gender Reveal' Parties?

With all the secrecy surrounding Jewish pregnancies, I was surprised to discover just how many people had heard of the phenomenon of gathering with friends to disclose the pre-born baby’s sex.

The Forward
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The Forward

The first thing I thought when I learned that gender reveal parties exist was, “Oh, Jews do NOT do that.” My reaction was based on the fact that every pregnant Jewish woman I have ever known has delayed announcing her pregnancy until she’s past her first trimester (at the very least).

In the Jewish community, there is already so much secrecy around pregnancy. You don’t buy things for the baby before it’s born, and you definitely don’t gather together with friends to disclose the sex.

(The second thing I thought, by the way, was that gender reveal parties should be called sex reveal parties, and that whoever came up with the idea needs a crash course in the difference between the two.)

When I posted on Facebook inquiring as to whether or not people had heard of this phenomenon, I got a huge response...

'It's a boy!'Credit: Dreamstime