The Sexy, Blonde South Korean Anne Frank

A South Korean edition of 'The Diary of Anne Frank' that is making the rounds online features a blonde woman in a sultry pose on its cover.

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Screen shot of the bad taste cover of The Diary of Anne Frank.
Screen shot of the bad taste cover of The Diary of Anne Frank.

Anne Frank became famous posthumously for the diary she kept during her period of hiding from the Nazis, and her tragic tale has been read around the world.

In one edition released in South Korea a number of years ago, however, the tragedy of her story didn't seem to have any bearing on the choice of cover for the book (also known as The Diary of a Young Girl).

More often than not, the cover of the famous Holocaust-era journal features an iconic black and white photograph of its author, who was 15 when she died. In this edition, however, the cover shows a blonde woman with come-to-bed eyes and a slightly too open shirt. 

An image of the front cover has been doing the rounds online, according to Kotaku, a gaming blog that is part of Gawker's network of sites.

The cover, which shows up on Google Image searches for the diary in Korean, is confusing Koreans, too, Kotaku reported.   

Anne Frank. Credit: AFP

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