Scottish Man Arrested After Posting Video of His Dog Giving Nazi Salute

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Image of Scottish 'Nazi dog'
Image of Scottish 'Nazi dog'Credit: Screen grab

A Scottish man who is alleged to have released a video in which he is seen prompting his girlfriend's dog to imitate a Nazi salute and to respond to the phrase "gas the Jews" has been arrested, the website reported.

Police reportedly arrested the man, Markus Meechan of Coatbridge, outside of Glasgow, after the video went viral on the internet, having been viewed more than a million times on YouTube. The video also features the dog sitting in front of a computer screen and "watching" documentary footage of  Adolf Hitler at a Nazi rally.

Meechan apologized and said he is not anti-Semitic, but still lost his security guard job following the publication of the video. He was released pending further investigation after spending a night in jail, the website said.

The director of the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities, Ephraim Borowski, questioned Meechan's claim, saying: "To regard the meticulously planned and industrialized murder of six million people solely on the grounds of their ethnicity as a joke is outrageous, and for someone who does so to claim not to be racist, beggars belief,” according to Herald Scotland.

Credit: Herald Scotland

Holocaust denier

In an unrelated case in Scotland, Natalie McGarry, a member of the British parliament for the Glasgow area, has agreed to pay 10,000 pounds ($14,400) to three charities for calling Alastair Cameron, the director of Scotland in Union, which advocates continued strong Scottish ties to the United Kingdom, an "outed Holocaust denier," the Jewish Chronicle of London reported. Although elected as a parliament member for the pro-independence Scottish National Party, McGarry is now an independent legislator.

One of the charities that is to share in the proceeds is Lumos, an organization started by J.K. Rowling, the Scottish author of the Harry Potter books, the Jewish Chronicle reported, adding that Rowling had suggested she may sue McGarry for accusing the author in a Twitter exchange of defending "abusive misogynist trolls."

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