San Francisco Push to Ban Circumcision Hits a Dead-end

The measure’s backers reportedly considered appealing the ruling that struck the proposition from the ballot; here appears to be little chance the measure will be put to voters in November.

Time appears to have run out for the proponents of a San Francisco ballot measure that would have banned circumcision of any boy under 18 in the city.

The measure’s backers reportedly had been considering appealing the July 28 ruling by Superior Court Judge Loretta Giorgi that struck the proposition from the ballot. But with a key step in the process of producing San Francisco’s ballots now complete, there appears to be little chance that the measure will be put to voters on Nov. 8.

circumcision  May 15, 2011.

San Francisco’s Ballot Simplification Committee, the governmental body tasked with producing short digests of measures for the city’s ballots, held its first open meeting on Aug. 1. The committee approved digests for eight ballot measures in the course of its meetings, the last one on Aug. 10. No digest was produced for the measure aiming to ban circumcision.

“The court ordered this measure not to go on the ballot; we’re following that order,” said John Arntz, elections director at San Francisco’s Department of Elections. “I haven’t heard of anything that would potentially change the status of this measure.”

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