Sacha Baron Cohen Tricks Former GOP Governor to Tell a Toy It Too Can Buy a Machine Gun

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FILE PHOTO: Janice Kay "Jan" Brewer, former governor of Arizona, in Tampa, Florida, U.S., on Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2012.
FILE PHOTO: Janice Kay "Jan" Brewer, former governor of Arizona, in Tampa, Florida, U.S., on Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2012.Credit: Bloomberg

In this week’s latest episode of “Who Is America?” Sacha Baron Cohen returns to the show's beginning to skewer Republicans over gun rights, but this time he also goes after the left.

His alt-right persona, Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr., convinced former Vermont Democratic Governor Howard Dean to engage in an argument about a conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton was actually a man.

Ruddick pulled up a picture of Clinton in a pantsuit and asked Dean what could explain the apparent bulge in her trousers. Dean replied that it was probably a bad dry cleaner.

Ruddick then pulled up a picture which he claimed the CIA took, showing Hillary Clinton using a men’s urinal. When Dean said that the image was probably doctored, Ruddick retorted, “You can’t handle the truth.” Ruddick then asked, “Have you seen her lady parts?”

Dean confessed he had not.

In another segment, Cohen plays the Danish blogger OMGWhizzBoyOMG and appears alongside former Arizona GOP Governor Jan Brewer, where he gets her to tell a toy that it should be allowed to buy a semi-automatic rifle.

“I’m Fizzy Fireworks,” Cohen said, pretending to be the toy. “I don’t know how to tie my shoelaces, but please can I have a semi-automatic gun? I would be very good at shooting.”

Brewer replied: “Uh, a certain kind of gun you can.”

“Certain kinds of machine guns are off grounds. They ought not to be though,” she continued.

Cohen explained that the toy was 21 years old, but with the mental age of a three-year old, to which Brewer retorted that most people were not mentally ill.

“I’m not mentally ill, I just want to ethnically cleanse all of the limited edition Shopkins,” Cohen made Fizzy Fireworks say.

“Well, that’s crazy,” Brewer replied.

“Oh, but can I still buy the gun please?” Cohen asked.

“Yes, you can,” said Brewer.

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