Washington Temple Rolls Out Big Carpet for Jewish Rugelach

Temple Beth Hatfiloh in Olympia to raise money for charity with a baking contest centered on the pastry.

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Rugelach.Credit: Dreamstime

The Jewish sweet rugelach – a pastry of filled, rolled up dough – will be the big star of the annual "Blintzapalooza" – a baking contest organized by the Temple Beth Hatfiloh in Olympia, Washington.

The fundraiser, which will be held Sunday, was covered by the local daily, the News Tribune. In its report, the paper more than just provided readers with the when and where, but also offered a little history of the confection:

"Some say the name of the cookie with European roots nods to the Yiddish term for 'little corner' or 'twist' because of the cookie’s typical crescent shape," it said. "Others say it’s a modern Hebrew term for 'trailing vine' … Because it’s so easy to make at home, it’s an easy staple even for weeknight baking."

The report goes on to tackle one of the big question that arises when baking rugelach: Whether or not to use a cream cheese dough.

Proceeds from the contest/fundraiser will be donated to local charities.