Rome's Only Jewish Hospital Investigated for Fraud

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Credit: Google Street View

Italian police raided Rome's Israelite Hospital on Monday, on suspicion that top hospital officials were defrauding national health system. Regional government officials are also suspected of participating in the fraud.

Police searched the offices of the regional government and of the hospital collecting receipts issued between 2006 and 2009, Italian media reported.

Seven Israelite hospital employees including hospital Director Antonio Mastrapasqua and two Lazio regional government employees are accused of fraud and forgery.

Prosecutors on the case told Italian media several medical diagnosis made by staff at the Israelite Hospital were retroactively changed to make diagnoses in order to increase government funding.

Mastrapasqua was already accused of forgery in January and forced to resign from his position as President of the National Social Insurance Agency.
Israelite Hospital is the only Jewish hospital in Rome.