Report: Anti-Semitic Fliers Target Chicago Mayoral Candidate Rahm Emanuel

Former White House chief of staff depicted on fliers reading 'I was entitled to it[ being elected mayor], being a Holocaust survivor (I mean my family).'

Just a week before Chicago residents vote for their new Mayor, leading candidate Rahm Emanuel became the target of anti-Semitic attacks, NBC Chicago reported on Tuesday.

According the report, fliers of the former White House chief of staff were distributed at the Red Line Chicago station in Chicago reading "I will run Chicago as I ran Freddie Mac, PROFITABLE (for me, me, me) thirty millions$$$$$$. I was entitled to it, being a Holocaust survivor (I mean my family)."

Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel

The fliers then continued to read "If you elect Emanuel, Chicago for sure will go to Hell."

NBC also reported that Emanuel, was targeted by Mayoral candidate Carol Moseley Braun who compared his campaign ads to the comic character in the film "The Producers" who wrote a play in favor of Hitler.

When asked about the recent anti-Semitic attacks Emanuel said he believed her words were misinterpreted and seemed unfazed by the commotion surrounding the controversial elections.

Emanuel, who served as a congressman from Chicago before joining United States President Barack Obama's White House in January 2009, left the post in October to launch a mayoral campaign in his home town.

He was kicked off the ballots after an appeal to court claiming that he could not run for Mayor as he had not lived in Chicago for the months prior the elections; however Illinois Supreme Court reversed the ruling by a lower court.