Relative of David Ben-Gurion Releases First Single After Becoming 2011 Jewish Idol

WATCH: Mexican singer Adam Kleinberg performs duet with Israeli star and producer Momi Levi.

Mexican singer Adam Kleinberg, a relative of Israel's founding father David Ben-Gurion, released his first single on Tuesday, after winning first prize at the Hallelujah 2011 singing competition.

The single, which features on the new Hallelujah album, is a remake of Meir Banai’s “Geshem”, and is performed by Kleinberg and Israeli star and producer Momi Levi.

Hallelujah 2011 Adam Kleinberg - Randy Pressman - August 25 2011
Randy Pressman

Kleinberg, 21, was selected out of hundreds of applicants from Jewish communities around the world to participate in Hallelujah, an international Jewish singing contest created to find “the next Jewish star.” As one of the 30 finalists, Kleinberg spent three weeks touring Israel last August, training and competing. He was announced winner after he performaned "Lo Kal" (“Not Easy”) by Hayehudim in front of a 3,000-person audience in Ramat Hasharon.

During his performance, Kleinberg, whose great-grandmother was David Ben-Gurion's first cousin, wore a leather jacket and pants, sported dreadlocks and paced the stage, drawing in the crowd with his rock-star voice.

With the release of his first single, Kleinberg sees an optimistic future in store. "I feel like I am marching in a new direction and the beginning is already so wonderful," he said.

“Geshem” will be played on radio stations in Israel and Jewish radio stations around the world.