Czech Chief Rabbi Revealed as the Author of Sci-fi Bestseller

Karl Sidon, who is also professional playwright and screenwriter, wanted to separate his work from his new career.

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Prague. Go there on a budget airline. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Czech Republic's chief rabbi is author of a bestselling science fiction book, Prague Radio reported on Tuesday, revealing the mystery behind one of the season's biggest literary sensations.

According to the report, Karl Sidon, the chief rabbi of both Prague and the Czech Republic, had hoped it would take longer for his identity as the author of "Altschulova Metoda" to be discovered.

“I was surprised at how fast I was found out. I expected that it would take a lot longer," Sidon told Czech television. "But in the end what choice did I have but to admit it?”

For his book "Altschulova Metoda" (Atschul's Method), the first of a tetralogy, Sidon used the pen name Chaim Cigan, a supposed immigrant from Canada. Sidon reportedly used a pen name in attempt to keep his work as chief rabbi separate from his new career.

Sidon, a professional playwright and screenwriter, said in the interview that he had the intention of writing a science fiction series for some time.

“Before I began writing this I couldn’t read anything but what is considered lowbrow sci-fi literature which I really love… The story almost untraveled by itself, it was fascinating for me to watch what kind of stuff was going on in my head," he said.