Anti-occupation Protesters Chain Themselves to Seder Table at Boston AIPAC Office

Six members of the IfNotNow group opposed to Israeli military occupation are in custody after their latest of a series of 'liberation Passover Seders.'

Protesters chant and hold signs outside the AIPAC policy conference in Washington, March 21, 2016.

Police have arrested six Jewish protesters who chained themselves to a Seder table at an AIPAC office in Boston, the Forward said.

The protesters from a from a group called IfNotNow which opposes the Israeli occupation of land Palestinians want for a state have been holding a series of "liberation Passover seders" ahead of the holiday that begins on Friday night.

“AIPAC’s unquestioning support of the right-wing pro-occupation government shows just how out of its leadership is with our generation’s values. From lobbying for no-strings attached dollars to fund the occupation’s violence to giving extremist politician Donald Trump a warm reception at home, AIPAC relies on the politics of fear that is holding our community back,” a statement by the organization said.

According to the Forward, the group counts as one of its members, Simone Zimmerman, who was suspended last week from her position as Jewish outreach coordinator for Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign for her social media posts criticizing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.