Pro-BDS Students at California Campus Shout Allahu Akbar' at Israel Supporters

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File photo: Swastika painted on wall of UC Davis Jewish frat house.
Swastika painted on wall of UC Davis Jewish frat house. Prior to this, reports say, pro-BDS students heckled Israel supporters at a student-government meeting, at which a resolution urging the school to shed its Israel-related holdings passed by an 8-2 vote.Credit: (YouTube screenshot from Sacramento Bee)

A student-government vote to urge a University of California campus to divest its Israel-related holdings was punctuated with cries of "Allahu Akbar," Arabic for "God Is Great," directed at supporters of Israel who attended the meeting, media reports say.

Activists waved Palestinian flags and heckled Jewish students, the Washington Free Beacon and other media outlets reported.

The resolution was voted on Thursday and passed 8-2.

It urged UC Davis to shed its holdings in companies like the heavy-equipment maker Caterpillar, security-services provider G4S, environmental-services firm Veolia and aerospace and defense contractor Raytheon, which do business with Israel, the Washington Times reported.

The vote reflects the efforts of the boycott-divestment-sanctions movement in the U.S. and worldwide.

A day after the vote, reports say, vandals sprayed swastikas on a Jewish-fraternity house, reports say.

And a member of the UC Davis Student Senate, Azka Fayyaz, posted on her Facebook page a photo of the session and remarked that “Hamas & Sharia law have taken over UC Davis" and "Israel will fall, Inshallah," or "God willing," reports say.

In an open letter published Tuesday in the California Aggie, Fayyaz responded, saying, "Although I made a comment on the picture stating that the caption was satirical, the anti-divestment community conveniently left out the comment from the rest of the picture and took the caption out of context.

"My satirical comments are a non-confrontational method to mock the arguments presented by the anti-divestment community during the last three years who have incorrectly labeled the divestment movement as a violent and anti-Semitic movement by Muslim and Arab students."