Pig Heads Sent in Boxes to Jewish Targets in Rome

Rome's mayor condemned what he called intimidation of the city's Jewish community.

Saviona Mane
The Associated Press
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Saviona Mane
The Associated Press

Italian police say they are searching for the sender of pig heads to Rome's main synagogue, the Israeli Embassy and a city museum hosting an exhibit on the Holocaust.

Police headquarters said Saturday the anti-terrorism squad was handling the case. The pig heads arrived in three separate boxes, all sent by a delivery service unaware of the contents.

The deliveries were made Friday, three days before an international memorial day for Holocaust victims.

The package which arrived at Rome's main synagogue drew the attention of synagogue workers and they phoned the police. That is when the pig head were discovered.

In a tweet, Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino condemned what he called intimidation of the city's Jewish community.

Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino harshly condemned the act and said an attack on Rome's Jews is attack on the city itself.

He was echoed by Nicola Zingaretti, president of the province of Lazio, where Rome is located.

"This is a lowly act of cowards that hurts all Romans on the eve of the Holocaust memorial day," he said.  

Local media reported Saturday that anti-Semitic graffiti also appeared outside a municipal building in a Rome neighborhood.

Rome's major Synagogue.Credit: AP