Apples and Honey, and May I Please See the Wine List?

If you are craving a Rosh Hashanah meal that comes without the hassle of cooking and doing dishes, these Israeli restaurants offer excellent holiday fare to start the New Year off in a very tasty way.

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E-Zugi restaurants of the Leonardo hotel chain.
E-Zugi restaurants of the Leonardo hotel chain.Credit: David Bachar
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Rosh Hashanah is the holiday of new beginnings, but the preparations for it sometimes take every drop of energy left to us by the departing year. If you enjoy a celebratory feast but hate doing the dishes, here's a list of restaurants offering festive menus and serving them on Rosh Hashanah eve.

The gourmet option: Hatarnegol Hakahol (The Blue Rooster)

Chef Shaul Ben Aderet’s restaurant, Hatarnegol Hakahol, offers a feast of flavors especially for the eve of Rosh Hashanah that includes 19 dishes.

The evening opens with an apple champagne cocktail. It then proceeds to the appetizers, which include a basket of various kinds of bread, balsamic vinegar and olive oil; fresh pumpkin salad and sweet-spicy gorgonzola; a green salad; raw tahini with almonds; stir-fried spinach in olive oil with feta cheese; tuna ceviche with avocado cream and a basket of tomatoes; and the chef’s pasta with dried tomatoes, sweet onion, basil, garlic and Chinese peas. Among the main courses are ocean-harvested fish cooked in coconut milk, chili, ginger, lemongrass and curry; lamb kebab with cream of burnt eggplant and roasted cherry tomatoes; and tandoori Cornish hen with sweet-and-sour cucumber salad; peppered boneless duck with raisin chutney and ginger served on a bed of mashed potatoes. At the end, a selection of desserts will be offered. The meal includes red or white wine, a soft drink and herbal tea.

Where: Hatarnegol Hakahol, 10 Nissim Aloni Street, Tel Aviv

When: Sunday, September 16, 2012

Price: NIS 350 per guest; NIS 275 for a child’s portion. Available for reservations by groups of 15 and up.

Lamb chops at SoHo in Rishon LetzionCredit: Dudi Moskovsky

A shared holiday: Adega

This food and wine restaurant on Tchernichovsky Street will be open on Rosh Hashanah eve, when it will be serving a holiday meal on white tablecloths with floral centerpieces, with the kiddush ceremony and the traditional blessings for the New Year. The owners, Chef Eyal Meron and Dalia Lugassi, will host anyone who wishes to celebrate and enjoy the holiday atmosphere and good food without cooking and cleanup at home. On the menu will be bread with dips, three salads per table, leek croquettes and a green salad with honey-mustard vinaigrette. The first course will be a choice of gefilte fish with horseradish; spicy fish cutlets in tomato sauce, chili peppers and cilantro; or chicken soup and vegetables. The main course will be a choice of roast beef with mushrooms and baby onions with either basmati rice or mashed potatoes; beef bourguignon in red wine with root vegetables and mashed potatoes; filet of ocean-harvested fish in Sicilian sauce with basmati rice; or roast chicken leg in white wine with mashed potatoes. Each guest will also receive a hot drink, and a plate of desserts will be brought to the table.

Where: Adega, 5 and 6 Tchernichovsky Street, Tel Aviv

When: Sunday, September 16, 2012

Price: NIS 180 per guest

All night long: A Rosh Hashanah banquet at Abraj

On Rosh Hashanah eve, Abraj will be hosting a special banquet in honor of the festival. The holiday menu will feature the restaurant’s flagship entrées alongside such traditional New Year foods as dates, pomegranates, Chinese long beans, leeks, apples in honey and fine Israeli wine. The banquet will begin with various kinds of tapas: slices of ocean-harvested fish in spicy sauce; crispy calamari; fresh calamari breaded and fried, served on a bed of young lettuce leaves with aioli; shrimp salad with mango and aragula; and ocean-harvested fish ceviche. The main courses will include baby hen stuffed with couscous and dried fruit, served with freekeh (green wheat) that has been given a smoked flavor; neck of lamb stuffed with rice and almonds served with purée of roast beets; slow-cooked roast beef with plums, shallots and red wine; a stew of seafood, shrimp, calamari, black mussels, and stir-fried blue crab meat in Abraj’s spicy sauce; and fish patties in tomato sauce. The meal will conclude with a selection of the house desserts: chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream, crème brulée; homemade malabi; the house ice cream and tea made with fresh mint.

Where: Abraj, 6 Kedumim Square, Jaffa

When: Sunday, September 16, 2012

Price: NIS 250 per guest

Table of blessings: Rosh Hashanah at E-Zugi

The E-Zugi restaurants of the Leonardo hotel chain in Ramat Hahayal and Rehovot offer a holiday meal that includes challah on every table. The first course includes pass-around plates of chicken salad, liver carpaccio with jam and bruschetta; gefilte fish with a horseradish martini; eggplant in pasta with tahini; and spicy tomato salad. The hot buffet will have chicken soup with noodles and dumplings, entrecote roast beef; shoulder of mutton; chicken in plums; couscous and soup and green vegetables. A table will be prepared with all the customary foods used in blessing the New Year, with chard, cooked pumpkin, a carp’s head, Chinese long beans, pomegranates, dates and leek. For dessert, there will be a variety of cakes, pies and mousses.

Where: E-Zugi, 17 Habarzel Street, Ramat Hahayal, Tel Aviv

E-Zugi Rehovot, 2 Oppenheimer Street, Science Park, Rehovot

When: Sunday, September 16, 2012

Price: NIS 250 for guests; all others pay NIS 350

Go Asian: Rosh Hashanah Eve at Soho

The Soho restaurant in Rishon Lezion will be offering an Asian-style holiday meal on the eve of the holiday, with the traditional food blessings. The dishes will be served at the center of the table. First courses will include chicken liver paté on a bed of toasted brioche with jam made of pears, apples and ginger; vegetable salad; cauliflower in tempura with mayonnaise and mustard-seed dressing; and cherry tomato salad with herbs in chipotle dressing and various kinds of sushi. Main courses include spare rib of lamb cooked for three hours in soy, honey, garlic and Szechuan pepper; entrecote slices in chimichurri; grilled filet of salmon; yakitori pullet in teriyaki sauce; and a vegetarian entrée of Pad Thai prepared with rice noodles, vegetables and tofu. The children’s menu includes small pieces of chicken schnitzel, grilled chicken breast, steak fries and white rice. For dessert: various flavors of sorbet, chocolate fudge prepared on the premises and served with vanilla ice cream, and a crème brulée pyramid in banana and butterscotch sauce. Guests can enjoy hot and cold drinks, beer and a glass of red or white wine for a toast in honor of the New Year.

Where: Soho, 12 Moshe Bakar Street, Rishon Lezion

When: Sunday, September 16, 2012

Price: NIS 310 per guest. Children under age 3: free; children up to age 10: NIS 100.

Kids eat for cheap: Tandoori

On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, Tandoori restaurants will be offering a family meal in an Indian atmosphere. The holiday meal will include a first course, main course, bread, rice and dessert for NIS 150. There will also be a children’s menu at NIS 40 per meal. The selection of main courses will include chicken in makhani sauce, chicken malai, Indian cheese naan, ground chicken or beef patties in Indian sauce with either French fries, rice or tiny pasta; juice and a scoop of chocolate or vanilla ice cream for dessert; and sorbet in various flavors. Over the holiday, Tandoori restaurants will offer holiday specials of Kashmiri chicken biryani with apples for NIS 87.

Where: Tandoori Herzliya, 32 Maskit Street, Herzliya Pituah

Tandoori Tel Aviv, 2 Zamenhof Street, Dizengoff Square, Tel Aviv

A special every evening: Rosh Hashanah at Haj Kahil

Chef Omar Iluwan has prepared several special dishes for the holiday, which he will offer alongside the usual menu. The entrées include a selection of house salads such as cauliflower in tehina; spicy eggplant; squash in yogurt; cherry tomatoes in tahini; lamb ribs stuffed with beef; rice and herbs; neck of mutton stuffed with rice; ground meat and almonds; shoulder of mutton stuffed with rice; kanafe, malabi and more.

Where: Haj Kahil, 18 David Raziel Street, Jaffa

When: Sunday, September 19, 2012

Price: according to the menu

Back to tradition: The Daniel Hotel

The Daniel Hotel offers a comfortable alternative for people who do not want to sweat over the stove before the holiday eve: a kosher meal with a variety of flavors. The menu includes a cold buffet with salads prepared in the styles of the Far East, North Africa and Europe, and cold platters. There is also a variety of hot entrées such as chicken thighs served on a bed of onions in chicken gravy; breast of duck in Chinese orange sauce and balsamic reduction; beef stew with artichokes, tomatoes and kalamata olives; lamb osso bucco with rosemary and garlic in red wine sauce; filet of mullet on a bed of peppers and chick peas; filet of St. Peter’s fish on a bed of root vegetables; sweet potato rings in honey and soy sauce; white and wild rice; cauliflower, peas, carrots and zucchini and Jerusalem noodle pudding. The hotel’s synagogue will be open for New Year services before the meal.

Where: the Daniel Hotel, 60 Ramot Yam Street, Herzliya

When: Sunday, September 16, 2012

Price: Hotel guests with reservations: NIS 300; reservations at the hotel: NIS 380; all others: NIS 400. Additional fee for glatt kosher food: NIS 120

The spirit of Russia: Kabachok

Kabachok will be celebrating the new year with a festive banquet in the spirit of the Jewish community in the former Soviet Union. Appetizers will include challah, apples and honey, potato salad, pomegranates and baby greens, with parsley and lemon and olive oil dressing.

First courses will include caviar with eggplant, chopped liver and forshmak (a chopped herring spread); gefilte fish and potatoes; and chicken soup with Russian dumplings known as pelmeni. Main courses include pullet steak, chicken tabaka with baked potato flavored with garlic and dill, and beef goulash with dried fruit. For dessert there will be apple pie topped with dried fruit and honey with fruit compote. Wine and a soft drink are included.

Where: Kabachok, 10 Hatzefira Street, Yad Harutzim, Tel Aviv

When: Sunday, September 16, 2012

Price: NIS 215 per guest, and half-price for children under 10.

Back to India: Celebrating the New Year at Indira

Indira will be changing its customary appearance for the eve of the New Year, opening the meal with Jewish tradition and ending it with Indian tradition. On the table will be booklets of New Year blessings that will be given Jewish and Indian interpretations. For example, you will be able to dip your apple not only in honey, but also in three exotic Indian spicy-sweet sauces. The meal also features a selection of soups; choice of gefilte fish or spicy Indian chreimeh; a selection of traditional salads including chopped liver, caviar and several Indian dishes; a plate of appetizers, and a plate of mixed meats and three Indian side dishes. Dessert is a parfait in a variety of flavors, with ice cream made on the premises. The meal will include the house wine, a soft drink and all the grape juice you can drink.

Where: Indira, 4 Shaul Hamelech Street, Tel Aviv

When: Sunday, September 16, 2012

Price: NIS 240 per guest. Children under 3: NIS 120