Oxford Union Backs Motion Opposing Israel Boycott

Prestigious debate society votes in favor of Alan Dershowitz-proposed motion entitled 'Is the BDS movement against Israel wrong?'

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Alan Dershowitz speaks at the Herzliya Conference in June 2014.Credit: Erez Harodi/Osim Tzilum

The Oxford Union has reportedly backed a motion opposing the Israel boycott movement by a vote of 137 to 101.

According to a Jewish Chronicle report, noted U.S. attorney and academic Alan Dershowitz proposed the motion entitled "Is the BDS movement against Israel wrong?" to the prestigious debate society.

Dershowitz, who debated human rights activist Peter Tatchell, said the BDS movement is against the two-state solution.

"BDS is based on bigotry. If Israel was not the nation-state of the Jewish people, then this debate wouldn't be happening today," Dershowitz said, adding that "BDS will absolutely not bring peace. If the BDS movement is desirous of peace, then why will its leaders not debate me?"