Obama: Dachau Concentration Camp Is a Lesson in the Evolution of Darkness

U.S. president issues statement on 70th anniversary of liberation of concentration camp, vowing 'History will not repeat itself.'


U.S. President Barack Obama stated that "Dachau is a lesson in the evolution of darkness, how unchecked intolerance and hatred spiral out of control," in a statement on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the concentration camp's liberation.

"From its sinister inception in 1933, Dachau held political prisoners – opponents of the Third Reich," the statement read. "It became the prototype for Nazi concentration camps and the training ground for Schutzstaffel (SS) camp guards. As the seed of Nazi evil grew, the camp swelled with thousands of others across Europe targeted by the Nazis, including Jews, other religious sects, Sinti, Roma, LGBT persons, the disabled, and those deemed asocial."

Over 40,000 prisoners died in Dachau, where the Nazi regime imprisoned more than 200,000 of its victims.

"As we reflect on the anniversary of Dachau’s liberation, we draw inspiration from, and recall with gratitude, the sacrifices of so many Americans – in particular our brave soldiers – to win victory over oppression," he sated. "Drawing from the words of Captain Timothy Brennan, who wrote to his wife and child after liberating the camp - 'You cannot imagine that such things exist in a civilized world' – we fervently vow that such atrocities will never happen again. History will not repeat itself."