NYT Revises Chart That Singled Out Iran Deal's Jewish Opponents, Admits It Was 'Insensitive'

The New York Times' public editor acknowledges that the chart was 'inappropriate' and 'tone-deaf.'


The New York Times on Friday admitted that a chart highlighting the Jewish identity of Congressmen who voted against the Iran nuclear deal was "insensitive" after receiving numerous complaints.

The chart, titled "Lawmakers against the Iran nuclear deal," included a column that specified which opponents of the deal were Jewish. It was published Thursday alongside an article on the topic, and elicited an almost immediate furor on social media.

The graphic was revised on Friday following the backlash. Later, an editor's note was posted on the page, explaining that it was decided to remove the column because of its insensitivity and due to lack on context.

In a separate piece, New York Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan explained the revision.

"The graphic, as almost everyone now seems to agree, was insensitive and inappropriate. I would add that it was regrettably tone-deaf. It shouldn't have appeared in that form to begin with,” she wrote. “Given that it did, Times editors took the right action in listening to the objections and changing it."

Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told the Washington Free Beacon that the chart plays into stereotypes of "Jewish pressure" and "Jewish money" influencing the vote on the Iran deal.

"It's a grotesque insult to the intelligence of the people who voted for and will vote against [the deal]," he said.