Massachusetts Synagogue, Jewish Day School Building Seized by IRS

Yeshiva owes almost $0.5 million in federal taxes, local media reports, adding that a public auction has been scheduled for January.

A building housing a synagogue and Jewish day school in Worcester, a city in central Massachusetts, has reportedly been seized by the Internal Revenue Service.

Yeshiva Achei Tmimim synagogue and Yeshiva Academy day school in Worcester were seized for “nonpayment of internal revenue taxes,” the Worcester Telegram & Gazette reported. The yeshiva owes $435,235.31 in federal taxes, dating back to 2004, most in payroll taxes, according to the newspaper, citing the IRS and the Worcester County Registry of Deeds.

The report added that a public auction has been scheduled for January 4, with sealed bidding starting at $472,000.

The school and synagogue are reportedly continuing to operate as normal, according to the newspaper.

They have other creditors besides the IRS, according to the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, including water and sewer charges, and a mortgage, among others.

Last year, a bank foreclosed on a yeshiva dormitory that was purchased by synagogue member Steve Gaval for $61,000, the report said. He and his wife are renovating the property as a private residence. Michelle Gaval told the newspaper, “We wanted someone in the community to keep it, rather than let someone else take it. We just felt like someone Jewish should own it.”