L.A. Synagogue Targeted With Bomb Threats

Suspect in police custody, says Wilshire Boulevard Temple executive director.

A Los Angeles-area synagogue fell victim to several bomb threats on Tuesday, according to the synagogue’s executive director.

One bomb threat against the Wilshire Boulevard Temple was called in to the Los Angeles Police Department early Tuesday morning and two more calls, which said that there was a bomb planted in a car at an intersection near the synagogue, came close to 8 A.M.

Police investigated the threats and exploded a suspicious package left in a car adjacent to the synagogue, but the package was found not to contain explosives, the synagogue's executive director, Howard Kaplan, said in a statement on the synagogue's website.

Kaplan said that a suspect was in police custody, and that the arrest was based largely on video footage from the synagogue's surveillance cameras.

All synagogue activities were canceled for Tuesday.