Israel Boycotters in U.K. Urge Leonard Cohen to Cancel Tel Aviv Show

In letter to Jewish singer, British professors warn he would be performing for pro-IDF society.

Pro-Palestinian professors from the U.K. this week urged the Canadian-born Jewish poet and singer Leonard Cohen to boycott Israel and cancel his plans to perform here this year.

"Your songs have been part of the soundtrack of our lives, like breathing, some of them," wrote the five professors from the British Committee for the Universities of Palestine. Coming to Israel would defy the "right action" of the Budhist faith, they wrote to Cohen, whose practice of the faith is public knowledge.

In reference to the invasion into Gaza which Israel carried out in December in response to years of Palestinian rocket fire on civilians, the professors wrote: "You will perform for a public that by a very large majority had no qualms about its military forces' onslaught."

The scholars - Haim Bresheeth, Mike Cushman, Hilary Rose and Jonathan Rosenhead ? added: "You will perform in a state whose propaganda services will extract every ounce of mileage from your presence. They will use it to whitewash their war crimes."

The authors of the letter explained that Cohen needs to cancel the show in Ramat Gan lest it be attended by Israeli soldiers who are "drinking beer" and "playing backgammon with their mates and going to discotheques."

In the 1973 Yom Kipur War, Leonard Cohen flew to Israel to perform before reserves and regular soldiers fighting in the Sinai desert.