Get Your Local Weather Forecast From a Foulmouthed Old Jewish Lady

Actor David Krumholtz, adopting the persona of Gigi, presents a fresh take on weather reporting by playing a Jewish grandmother.

Gigi, the Jewish grandmother who tells you the weather
Gigi, the Jewish grandmother who tells you the weather. Screenshot

While weather reports are among the most sought-after bits of information on the Internet, few if any have endeavored to deliver them quite the way David Krumholtz has in his new persona of Gigi, a rambling old Jewish lady.

The American actor, known for starring in the "Harold and Kumar" films, portrays a Jewish grandmother who not only gives you the weather but also a foul-mouthed story or two, on the website

"So many people rely on local weather reports to tell them what's going on every single day," Krumholtz told The Hollywood Reporter. "We thought, 'Why not make them laugh while they're watching it?'"

Weather From is the brainchild of executive producer Barry Sonders and writer-directors Zach Golden and Ricky Mabe. After the user types in a zip code or the name of the city, one of 35 videos pops up, ranging from 30 seconds to two minutes, Krumholtz explained in a special message he uploaded to YouTube a day before the May 20 launch.

In each video, Gigi sits in her living room explaining the weather, suggesting how to dress and weaving in her stories, with the weather data provided by the U.S. National Weather service displayed below.

The makeup for Gigi took over four hours, Krumholtz said, based on his own grandmother – "and grandmothers all over the world who have something to say but maybe don't say it in the nicest way all the time."