Jewish U.K. Politician Chewed Out for Eating Bacon

Comedian David Schneider harps on Labour Party leader Ed Miliband for eating the unkosher delicacy, despite admitting he has done so as well.

Ed Miliband battles a bacon sandwich
Ed Miliband battles a bacon sandwich Screenshot/London Standard

British Labour Party leader Ed Miliband was chewed out by comedian David Schneider for being photographed eating a bacon sandwich, Algemeiner reported.

Playing off the famous admission by Bill Clinton on smoking marijuana, Schneider, who is also Jewish, tweeted the following:

"As a Jew the worst thing with the Miliband pic is he's eating bacon. I confess I've eaten it too, but I didn't inhale."

The incident made headlines in the U.K. because the politician came off looking awkward and goofy in the photo. He didn't seem to be able to handle the sandwich, which he didn't finish.

The photo op was part of a campaign to show Miliband on his 10-city tour ahead of local elections.

Schneider took advantage of the photo to harp on the Jewish angle, though he admitted he has also eaten bacon.