Bus Driver Calls Holocaust Survivors 'Nazis'

Martin Leeda, who survived three concentration camps and now works as a guide in the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam, was not expecting this to happen in Israel.

Metropoline bus
A Metropoline bus in Tel Aviv's central bus station. Alon Ron

A Holocaust survivor has accused a Metropoline bus driver of calling him and his wife Nazis when they spoke Dutch on the bus, Ynet website reports.

The incident occurred last Friday on a bus from Raanana to Tel Aviv, according to Martin Leeda, who survived three Nazi concentration camps and today divides his time between Israel and Holland, where he works as a guide in the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam.

Metropoline said in response that the driver had sent the couple a letter of apology and would be facing a disciplinary hearing.

According to Leeda, the couple was sitting at the front part of the bus and speaking in Dutch when the driver ordered them to move to the back of the bus.

"He shouted at us loudly," Leeda recounted. "He said that we are goyim (gentiles), that our parents are too and that we are probably Nazis." The driver also reportedly threatened the Holocaust survivor.

When the bus arrived in Tel Aviv, the driver ordered the passengers to disembark from the bus's front door, Leeda said. When his wife Jeta attempted to exit, the driver began closing and opening the door deliberately. As a result, one of her arms was heavily bruised.

Every decent Israeli should be ashamed by the incident, Leeda said. "Here I am, a Jew, a Holocaust survivor, being called a Nazi."