We Can't Tell You What This Joke Is About

Hint: But plenty of comics find humor in the Holocaust. Here are our favorites.

As the Knesset debates a law that would make it illegal to reference the Holocaust in anything but an educational context, we've trawled through YouTube for some of our favorite Nazi-related humor.

Let's kick off with Jerry Seinfeld, who wasn't afraid to compare the officious owner of a soup restaurant in New York to a Nazi.

She may not be to everybody's taste, but Sarah Silverman certainly isn't afraid to push back the boundaries of what was once considered taboo. Actually, to obliterate the boundaries.

Seinfeld's collaborator on the hit sitcom, Larry David, also has no qualms about referencing the Holocaust.

And then there's Melvin Kaminsky - aka Mel Brooks - who has made something of a career shocking people. In his classic movie 'The Producers,' he even creates a stage show to expose an unsuspecting world to "the Hitler with a song in his heart."

Finally, John Cleese - he of Monty Python fame - may have written the immortal line "Don't mention the war" in an episode of 'Fawlty Towers,' but mention it he did.