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'Rampant Rabbi' Vibrator Arouses Legal Battle Between Sex Shop Competitors

Lawyers at mega store Ann Summers got word of British comedian Shed Simove's product and challenged his application in court.

British comedian Shed Simove started a legal battle with sex mega store Ann Summers over a vibrator he designed named the 'Rampant Rabbi,' when he tried to trademark the name.

Simove, a 42-year-old comic from London, designed a vibrator in the shape of a Jewish religious leader as part of his 'masturpieces' collection of sex toys, which also includes the 'Buckingham Phallus' – a dildo that looks like Queen Elizabeth II.

'Rampant Rabbi' offers "the modern Jewish woman a religious experience" and comes with the tagline "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!"

The rabbi dildo caused a stir when Simove tried to trademark his $160 vibrator. The lawyers at Ann Summers got word of the product and challenged his application in court as a "conflicting mark." Their argument is that the name 'Rampant Rabbi' is too similar to their own sexy toy 'Rampant Rabbit.'

Simove's response is that there is "no confusion" between the two rampant dildos and will continue to sell his version.

"I am Jewish and a fan of laughing at one's culture, Simove told the New York Daily News, when asked if his dildo might offend Jews.

Other provocative products Simove has created include a range of sweet candy called 'Clitoris Allsorts' and a published book called '50 Shades of Grey' containing only blank grey pages.