German neo-Nazi Party Demands Addresses of All Jews in Dortmund

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Dortmund city skyline.Credit: Wikipedia Commons / Dkoedo

A German neo-Nazi party has asked for the addresses of all Jews living in the city of Dortmund – a request that was rejected by the local mayor.

Die Rechte (The Right, in German), asked Mayor Ullrich Sierau how many Jewish people lived in the Dortmund area, and where they live, according to the Daily Mail.     

Writing the mayor via councillor Dennis Giemsch, the party demanded that the information be supplied at an upcoming town hall meeting on Wednesday.

The local authority refused the request, and passed the letter to North Rhine-Westphalia state's interior ministry.  The state is seeking to legally outlaw the party, the Daily Mail said.

Die Rechte is the smallest far-right group in Germany. Giemsch, a full-time computer student, said the information on the Jewish residents of Dortmund was "relevant for our political work." Since it was founded two years ago, authorities have kept an eye on the party.  

Die Rechte's unsurprisingly right-wing manifesto promises to safeguard "German identity" and culture, ban English words from advertising, put limits on immigration and support "German" families having "German" children, among other things, the Daily Mail said, adding that much of it is similar the manifesto of Hitler's Nazi party in the 1920s.

Noting the echoes of Nazi Germany and the beginnings of the Holocaust, Dortmund's Jews were alarmed at the party's request.

"This is how it all began before. I don't think it will come to that again, but such things evoke terrible memories. I hope this will be used by the authorities as a building block in future legislation to ban them," one Jewish resident told a local newspaper, according to the Mail.

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