Twitter Explodes With 'Nazi' Tweets During U.S.-Germany World Cup Game

There were more tweets containing the word 'Nazi' on the day of the game than there had been for the entire preceding month.

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U.S. fans celebrate their team's advance to Round 2, despite the loss to Germany.Credit: AFP

The word "Nazi" does not normally get much exposure on Twitter, but its use spiked dramatically on June 26 – just when the United States happened to be playing against Germany in the World Cup.

In particular, the number of tweets containing "Nazi" shot up dramatically shortly after 1 P.M., when Germany's Thomas Müeller scored the only goal of the match, according to the news website Vox.

In all, over 43,000 tweets contained the word "Nazi" on the day of the match, according to Vox. And a search done on Topsy, a website that aggregates Twitter data, indicated that there were more "Nazi" tweets on match day and the day following than there were in the entire preceding month.

In fact, from about 20 minutes before kick-off to just after the end of the game, messages containing "Nazi" or "Nazis" were being tweeted at a rate of 3.4 per second.

Tweets containing "Nazi" when the U.S. played Germany.Credit: Screenshot