Krakow Museum Boss Says 'Original' Schindler's List Isn't Worth $3m

WWII document being auctioned off on eBay is merely a rare copy, says head of Historical Museum of Krakow; list contained names of Jews to be spared from Nazi death camp.

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A list of Jews to be spared from the Nazi death camp Auschwitz, immortalized in the 1993 film "Schindler's List," is not worth the $3 million being requested in an online auction, the director of a museum in Krakow told Polish media Tuesday.

The 14-page list was compiled by industrialist Oskar Schindler and identifies 801 Jewish prisoners by name, birthdate and profession.

The document, one of four remaining copies of Schindler's list, was posted for auction by a California sellter on eBay with an initial asking price of $3 million.

The eBay auction boasts selling the "Original Schindler’s List."

People who were included in the document were sent to work at Schindler's factories in Poland and were spared the gas chambers. Many of those listed by Schindler survived the Holocaust.

But Michal Niezabitowski, director of the Historical Museum of Krakow, questioned the price tag.

"The document has great historic significance, but it's not worth $3 million," he said. "The problem is that the original list no longer exists. Someone is trying to sell the legend here."

The copy was made in 1945 during the evacuation of Schindler's enamel factory, which is now a museum about Krakow during World War II.

Of the three other existing copies, two are at the Yad Vashem museum in Jerusalem while the third is at Washington's Holocaust Museum.

Copy of Schindler's list, which is being auctioned off on eBay for $3 million (Screenshot).

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