Murdoch Newspaper Puts Australian Premier in Nazi Uniform

Illustration based on Sixties TV hit Hogan's Heroes comes in the midst of a bitter election campaign

An Australian newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch depicted Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in a Nazi uniform and monocle on Thursday, exacerbating an already-bitter feud between the country's Labor government and the right-leaning newspaper proprietor.

The front-page illustration in the Telegraph tabloid featured Rudd as Colonel Klink from the popular 1960s comedy Hogan's Heroes, Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese as Sergeant Schultz and disgraced former Labor MP Craig Thomson as wily American POW leader Colonel Hogan.

It accompanied a story published earlier in the week about Albanese being seen drinking beer in a German-themed Sydney bar wwith Thomsonm who is facing fraud charges related to when he was Health Services Union general secretary between 2002 and 2007. He denies the allegations.

The Telegraph said it was making a mockery of Labor's campaign slogan "A New Way."

With Australia in the throes of an election campaign, Rudd has suggested that Murdoch is waging a vendetta against him via his newspepers. "He says through his own direct statements that he wants [opposition leader Tony] Abbott to replace me as prime minister. That's fine. That's his democratic right. It's a free country. But the question that I've posed through this is simply as follows: what is underneath all this?"