Mass. Transit Authority to Restore 'Palestinian Loss of Land’ Ads

Eighty ads that are critical of Israel to be reposted in Greater Boston area despite complaints.

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The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority said it was restoring dozens of ads critical of Israel to its transit system that had been taken down following public complaints.

On Friday, the transit system said the 80 ads would be put back in the Greater Boston area and that there had been a “miscommunication” with its advertising contractor Titan, according to the Boston Globe.

The ads went up on October 21, but were removed several days later by Titan following the complaints.

“There was a breakdown in our established procedures for handling complaints about specific ads,” according to a transit authority spokesperson.

The ads are comprised of four maps that show what is called “Palestinian loss of land – 1946-2010.” A message alongside the maps reads “4.7 million Palestinians are Classified by the UN as Refugees.”

Connecticut resident Henry Clifford, chairman of the Committee for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine, paid for the $40,000 campaign.

Similar ad campaigns caused a stir in Washington, D.C., and New York, but the ads were never removed.

Debate has also ensued from attempts to run such ads in Canada, particularly in Vancouver and Toronto.

An ad purporting to show Palestinian loss of land, which appeared at Metro-North stations.Credit: ADL