20-year-old Man Reclaims $5K Bar Mitzvah Gift After Suing His Mom

Jordan Zeidman from Long Island, N.Y. took his mother to small claims court after he never received the cash his grandmother gave him for his bar mitzvah.

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Jordan ZeidmanCredit: Screenshot from nypost.com / Facebook

A 20 -year old man has finally gotten the last of his bar-mitzvah money - but he had to sue his mother to get it.  Jordan Zeidman from Long Island in New York won a lawsuit against his mother on Tuesday, when the judge in Nassau County Small Claims Court ruled that a $5,000 gift from his grandmother, who he calls  "Baba,"  was his and his mother had to pay up, the New York Post reported.

Zeidman told the court that his grandmother had told him she gave his mother the $5,000 gift to hold for him, the same as she had given to his brother and sister, but his mother - Baba's daughter - never turned over the money. He also introduced as evidence an IOU note from his mother stating she owed his college fund "$190 + $5,000 from Baba." His mother testified she didn't remember writing the note, but it could have been her handwriting, the Post reported.

Neither his mother, Shirley Zeidman, or his maternal grandmother, Rachel Steinfeld, were invited to his bar mitzvah after his parents went through a very bitter divorce. However, the two women crashed his party anyway.   

The mother's lawyer said they would probably appeal as the verdict was not supported by the evidence. 

The boy's lawyer said that with interest and court fees the amount would be closer to $10,000.

The judge's ruling states: "The evidence clearly establishes that the plaintiff's grandmother came to the plaintiff's bar mitzvah with the intention of giving a $5,000 gift to the plaintiff. The grandmother gave direct testimony attesting to the fact that she went to the plaintiff's bar mitzvah, uninvited, with the intent to give him a gift with 'all of her heart.'" 

"The evidence also demonstrates an irrevocable transfer of ownership, in that the defendant received delivery of $5,000 as agent for the plaintiff in a fiduciary capacity," wrote the judge.