Orthodox Jewish Girl From Brooklyn Runs for N.Y. State Senate, in Style

22-year-old Mindy Meyer cites the main character from the film Legally Blonde as her inspiration to study law and run for office.

Mindy Meyer was 12-years-old when she saw the movie Legally Blonde. It was a formative experience. Following in the footsteps of the movies heroine, a pink and sparkles wearing blonde that paves her way into Harvard Law School, Meyer decided to study law.

Now, at age 22, the Orthodox girl from Flatbush, Brooklyn, is doing that, and more: Meyer is running for a seat in New Yorks State Senate, under the Republican Party banner, to serve District 21 in Brooklyn.

Meyers website, plays the song sexy and I know it, by the band LMFAO, as background music, and underneath Meyers name, a sparkling diamond animation reads: Im senator and I know it.

On the left, is a glamour shot of Meyer against a backdrop of the United States Capitol building, in Washington D.C. A red elephant, the symbol of the Republican Party, is colored pink, and its trunk adjoins the letter M in Mindy.

Next to the alternating pictures of Meyer in black and pink outfits reads a message to undecided voters. I can tell you one thing, I have no experience in corruption, said Meyer. This is how politics has to change. There is always corruption, but I have the intention to follow my values and ensure that none of what happens in my district is corrupt.

Atop Meyers Issues page, the title Diva of the district can  be found in leopard print letters. In contrast, the website for Kevin Parker, the incumbent State Senator from district 21, and Meyer's competition, is mostly blue.

Azi Paybarah, from the website CapitalNewYork.com, confirmed that the page is genuine.

It was 100 percent my idea, said Meyer to Laura Nahmias from City & State.

Im trying to attract a young crowd and recruit more young people, said Meyer, when asked about her website.

 Have you been to Kevin Parkers website? You could fall asleep when you go to it, everythings just red, white and blue, continued Meyer in the interview.

Meyer also claimed that Elle Woods, the character from Legally Blonde, played by Reese Witherspoon, was her inspiration. She showed me you could go to Harvard and make it sophisticated. Pink is my favorite color, so thats technically my inspiration, everything pink, said Meyer.

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A screenshot from Mindy Meyer's website.