Lisa Kudrow Didn't Invite Conan O'Brian to Son's 'Drive-by Bar Mitzvah'

The host confronted the former 'Friends' star on his show, but he has no reason to harbor a grudge: she wasn't invited either.

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It's something that some friends wouldn’t forgive. Lisa Kudrow, who for ten years graced our screens as Phoebe in "Friends," forgot to invite Conan O'Brian to her son's bar mitzvah.

“You and I have been friends for a long time and then I happen to find out that your son was bar mitzvahed and I wasn’t invited,” O'Brian said to Kudrow, when she appeared on his show. But it turns out that he had no need to harbor a grudge. Kudrow herself didn't attend what she called her son's "drive-by bar mitzvah."  

Kudrow's son was in a mall when men from Chabad approached him, she explained. They asked if he was Jewish, and when he said he was Jewish on his mother's side, they asked if he was bar mitzvahed. As he hadn't been, they offered to bar mitzvah him on the spot, and he said yes.

Kudrow told the host that the "drive-by bar mitzvah" included laying tefilin and wearing a kippa, and that her son came home with a picture for his mother.   

Screenshot of Lisa Kudrow on Conan O'brien.