Jon Stewart Labeled 'Most Disgusting Jew on Planet' by Pamela Geller

Jewish right-wing activist accuses The Daily Show host Stewart, also Jewish, of 'working for the other side under the guise of comedy.'

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Pamela Geller, speaking at a conference she organized entitled 'Stop Islamization of America.'Credit: AP

Comedian Jon Stewart, a perennial critic of both the American political establishment and the current Israeli government, has been named “the most disgusting Jew on the planet” by Jewish far-right activist Pamela Geller, the Huffington Post reported.

Geller, whose many achievements include being barred from entering Britain in 2013, described Stewart as a "vicious traitor" and blamed him for the "absence of the good" in American culture. Geller was writing in the conservative mouthpiece WorldNetDaily.

Stewart, she wrote, "has long been working for the other side under the guise of comedy [he] defines self-loathing Jew. But that’s not enough. He means to take us down with him.”

Stewart recently announced that he would be leaving Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" which he has hosted since 1999.

Geller also took aim at Hollywood in her column, accusing it of honoring "traitors" such as whistleblower Edward Snowden but giving "the middle finger to American hero Chris Kyle."

"Of course Hollywood would reward vicious traitors," Geller wrote. "There was no way the Hollywood establishment was going to give an Oscar to Clint Eastwood after he so delightfully skewered Obama’s empty chair. And their disdain for Americanism and the military is infused in everything they churn out."

She continued: "Sharing their disdain for America is Jon Stewart, to whom they should have given the 'Most Disgusting Jew on the Planet Award.' No contest. After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s groundbreaking speech to Congress last week, Stewart scoffed at the many standing ovations Netanyahu received as the 'longest blowjob a Jewish man has ever received.'"

Geller is co-founder, with Robert Spencer, of the Freedom Defense Initiative and Stop Islamization of America, both of which have been labeled hate groups by government officials in the United Kingdom.

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