Jewish Seniors Rock on at U.S. Summer Camps

Senior summer camps have been created throughout the northeast United States, offering campers a variety of activities including dancing, kayaking and painting.

Inside the main hall of the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, seven campers formed a circle and tried their best to dance in step to the lively beat of a do-se-do coming from a boombox.

Their instructor, Sylvia Rosenblatt, found them wanting.

Senior campers
Nate Lavey

“No, listen to me,” she said sternly. “You’re mixing it up with the ‘Boot Scootin’ Boogie.’”

This was not a dance lesson from your third-grader’s summer camp. Most of the guests at Isabella Freedman’s annual Senior Summer Camp were in at least their 70s and 80s. At 73, Rosenblatt herself hardly resembled a spritely camp counselor with a whistle around her neck.

The two-week session at Isabella Freedman for Jewish seniors is one of a handful of similar programs in the Northeast, including the nearby Berkshire Hills Emanuel Adult Vacation, Block and Hexter Vacation Center, the Kislak Adult Center and the Circle Lodge.

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