Jewish Press Fires Writer Over anti-Haredi Rant

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The Jewish Press weekly has fired a journalist over an opinion article decrying ultra-Orthodox Jews in America who protested the possible enlistment of their Israeli brethren to the army.

The Israel-based publication, which calls itself the largest Orthodox Anglo-Jewish weekly in the world, announced the decision on Tuesday, and the journalist in question, Yori Yanover, confirmed the news in numerous tweets.

In the op-ed, entitled "50 thousand Haredim march so only other Jews die in war," Yanover made the case for ultra-Orthodox Israelis to enlist in the Israel Defense Forces, adopting a cynical and at times vitriolic tone.

One argument made by Yanover for why Haredim should serve in the military was that ultra-Orthodox kids "can throw a rock at police like born Palestinians." He said this in response to the claim that yeshiva students couldn't possibly pick up a gun or understand physical warfare.

He also wrote: "If the IDF only enlisted the Satmar folks who ever participated in the clashes with the Satmar followers of the other spiritual head of Satmar, they could forge a most brutal and violent commando unit that would put to shame even the late Lee Marvin’s Dirty Dozen."

Yanover also wrote that the argument put forward by members of the Haredi community that enlistment would put ultra-Orthodox men at risk of becoming secular just goes to show how bankrupt the "entire school of faith and study" is.

After removing the article from its website, the Jewish Press' editorial board issued an apology for the "unfortunate op-ed" and its "incendiary and insulting headline," saying the article was posted without their authorization and clarifying that the opinions expressed do not represent those of the publication.

@TheJeremyMan The Haredi BDS got me fired. I feel so SodaStream -- Scarlett!!!

@jacobkornbluh It really comes down to lives. Is a community's view of itself as too good to die in battle legitimate?

A screengrab of the Jewish Press op-ed that got its author fired.

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