Jewish Couple Booted From Cruise After Allegedly Fighting Back at anti-Semitic Jibe

'There are too many Jews on board.' That was the comment that started it all.

"There are too many Jews on board." That was the comment that started it all.

According to the London tabloids, that was what one well-dressed passenger aboard the exclusive Queen Mary 2 cruise ship allegedly said to another couple on board – leading to a verbal fight and a subsequent eviction from the vessel.

Gloria Sher, a Jewish 82-year-old Tony award winning producer and apparently the target of that comment, reportedly lashed back at the offending speaker with a series of reports including, “F_you.”

Then she and her 91-year-old British husband Frederick Evans, who spending five-weeks on the $20,000 cruise, stomped off from the black-tie dinner and headed to their cabin.

Sher says that the following morning the captain came to the room and told the couple, who live in New York, that they had insulted another passenger and would have to leave the ship.

He intended, she said, to drop them off there and then, in Quebec, Canada. After fellow passengers came to their defense, Sher said, they were allowed to remain on board for another six days until the ship passed through New York – but were told that had to stay in their cabin.

"I was treated with no respect and unbelievably rude and shockingly terrible. I've been sick ever since. It has ruined our lives,” she told the New York Post. “It's changed us forever."

The cruise line has disputed the couple's version of events and issued a statement in which it said they had engaged in "multiple incidences of disrespectful and disruptive behavior towards crew members and other guests. They were refunded only $835 and the captain’s decision, it said, was approved.