N.Y. Center for Jewish History Uploading Gigapixel Image to Google Art Project

With over one billion pixels, viewers can even see brushstrokes of Marc Janco's 'Arab Cafe in Ramallah.'

The Center for Jewish History in New York City has announced that it will upload a gigapixel image, with over one billion pixels, to the Google Art Project.

Google Art Project, launched in 2011, gives people online access to high-resolution images of artworks from museums around the world. Each partner institution was allowed to choose one artwork to be uploaded as a gigapixel image. This so high resolution that viewers can zoom in and look up close at individual brushstrokes.

The Center chose the 1956 oil painting "Arab Café in Ramallah" by the Romanian and Israeli artist Marcel Janco. Janco was an artist, art theorist, and architect. He was a founder of Dadaism, and also a leading light in Constructivism in Eastern Europe.

The painting was owned by noted Israeli art collector Kathryn Yochelson, artdaily.org reported. It is part of the collection of the Yeshiva University Museum, which is one of the Center's five partner institutions.

Janco's painting represents an early scene in Ramallah where the streets were shaded with festoons and where Arabs and Jews congregated and were friendly, Yochelson has said.

The Center is continuing to add images from its collections and partners to Google Art Project and Google Cultural Institute, which both enable viewers to explore artworks online. Next, it will upload 50 watercolors showing Jewish life in sub-Saharan Africa. They were painted by Jay A. Waronker between 2005 and 2008.

It is also making the work of Raphael Lemkin available through Google's Cultural Institute. Lemkin, who is known for his work against genocide – a term he coined - was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize twice. The collection of his work includes thousands of digitized letters and documents.