Jewish Assailant of British MP Denied Bail

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A photo tweeted by George Galloway's Respect Party as he headed to the hospital on August 29, 2014.

A judge has denied bail for the 39-year-old Jewish man charged with a religiously motivated assault after beating British lawmaker George Galloway at a public event in London.

Neil Masterson reportedly shouted about the Holocaust before physically assaulting the Respect party lawmaker as he posed for photos with constituents on Friday night in Notting Hill in west London, according to reports.

Galloway was taken to the hospital that night and released on Sunday, according to reports. He suffered a broken jaw and a broken rib, according to reports in the British media.

The Telegraph of Britain described Masterson as a Jewish caregiver who works full-time looking after "a middle aged woman who suffers from severe memory problems, Crohn's disease, and an inflamed gall bladder."

Although his defense lawyer said that the woman "would be lost without him," Masterson was denied bail, according to The Telegraph. He is to appear in Isleworth Crown Court later this month.

"I didn't want him to think I'm scared," Tom Gill, the prosecutor, quoted Masterson as telling the police. "Galloway is anti-Semitic and I'm Jewish."

Earlier this month, Galloway called for his constituency to be “declared an Israel-free zone” in reaction to the Israel-Gaza conflict.

“We don’t even want any Israeli tourists to come to Bradford even if any of them had thought of doing so,” Galloway said. “We reject this illegal, barbarous, savage state that calls itself Israel – and you have to do the same.”

Galloway also said that Israeli goods, services and academics were likewise unwelcome.

He has said Israel should be abolished and replaced with a binational state.
Discrimination on the basis of nationality or race is illegal in Britain, as is inciting to hatred.