J Street Flanks Bibi With Beyonces, Tells Him to 'Put a Border on It'

Left-wing Jewish advocate brings pop singer into effort to press Israel to quit with settlements, define borders and give Palestinians a state.


Put politics on it?

J Street, the left-wing Jewish advocacy organization, has brought Beyonce into its effort to press Israel to quit with the settlements, define its borders and give the Palestinians a state.

The group has been tweeting out a poster featuring a rather angry and confounded Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flanked on both sides by the pop singer's stern image. She's in a bathing suit adorned with Israel, the West Bank and Gaza clearly bordered.

The poster harks back to Beyonce's song All the Single Ladies, the chorus of which is if you like it, then you should have put a ring on it.

The poster puts it this way: if you like it, you should have put a border on it.