Italian Synagogue Damaged in Severe Storm

The modern Livorno synagogue sits on the site where it's historic 17th century synagogue once stood.

Fierce weather damaged the synagogue in Livorno, on the Tuscan coast.

Livorno and other parts of Tuscany were hit Sunday by heavy rain and windstorms, including at least one reported small tornado in the city. The Italian media reported that the storm shattered some of the synagogue’s windows, and pictures showed shards of glass littering the interior of the sanctuary.

According to the European Jewish Congerss, there are currently around 28,400 Jews in Italy, approximately 600 of whom live in Livorno. 


The synagogue is a modern building opened in 1962 in the center of town on the site of the city’s 17th century old synagogue, which was destroyed in an Allied bombing raid  in World War II.