Israel’s High Court: Appoint Women to Committee That Chooses Rabbinical Judges

High Court gives two weeks to solve problem of potential all-male committee following petition filed by religious women’s organization Emunah.

Women must appear on the committee that appoints dayanim (rabbinical court judges), the High Court of Justice said on Thursday.

The petition was filed by religious women's organization Emunah, and the court has now given the sides two weeks to try to find a solution to the problem.

Emuna chair Liora Minka.
Tess Scheflan

Back in November, the Bar Association was set to vote on naming two men as its representatives on the panel, despite a written promise to appoint a woman that was issued just two months earlier by Yori Geiron, who heads the majority faction on the Bar's national council.

Under a political deal made with the Bar's Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) factions, Geiron instead threw his weight behind attorneys Asher Axelrod and Mordechay Eisenberg. The deal was revealed by Haaretz a few days prior to the scheduled vote.

The High Court issued an injunction barring the committee from meeting until it made a final ruling.

For the past 12 years, there has always been at least one woman on the committee, but the new panel appointed last fall has none.