About Interning Israel

Three Taglit Birthright alumni return to Israel as interns for Israeli companies. Haaretz, in association with Taglit Excel, will follow the three over the course of 10 weeks, as they discover what it means to work - and live - in Israel.

About Taglit Excel

Birthright Excel is a selective 10-week summer fellowship program that gives 20 Jewish college students from around the world an opportunity to pursue their interest in business and/or technology, by interning at a prominent Israeli company in an array of industries, including finance, consulting, hi-tech and social media.

The fellows attend meetings with distinguished Israeli leaders, both in their fields and in politics, and participate in workshops on topics including Jewish identity, communication, leadership and teamwork. Birthright Excel sees its alumni as an integral part of a future generation of Jewish business and technology leaders.


About Israel 2021

The Israel 2021 initiative from TheMarker recognizes the new impetus within Israel, in the form of a greater interest by Israelis regarding their country's economic and social future, and greater desire to play a personal role in shaping that future.

The initiative's main objectives are to attempt to move the public discourse on economic and social issues from a preoccupation with every-day events and short-term actions toward a focus on future plans, outlining and adopting ambitious goals and acting to realize them.