IN PICTURES: Nadvorna Hasidim Host Mesibat Chumash for Five-year-old Children in Bnei Brak

Ceremony marks children's readiness to begin studying Torah.

Bnei Brak's Nadvorna Hasidic sect held on Sunday a Pentateuch celebration, or what is called in Hebrew "mesibat chumash."

The ceremony marks the beginning of the community children's study of Torah and is based on the tractate of the Jewish oral law called Pirkei Avot, or Ethics of the Fathers. In the Ethics of the Father it states that at the age of five a child should begin learning the Torah.

The Nadvorna Hasidic sect originated in the town of Nadvirna in present-day western Ukraine.

For the ceremony, five year-old children are dressed in traditional men's wedding robes and wear crowns on their heads. Upon entering the auditorium, they walk under a special wedding canopy (called a chuppah) prepared in their honor.

At Sunday's ceremony, the children read and sang together verses from the Pentateuch, while being accompanied by the sounds of an orchestra and the Nadvorna children's choir.

Gil Cohen-Magen