Hollywood Turns Its Camera to Holocaust Restitution Scandals

Sony Pictures is developing a film that may star Sandra Bullock and will focus on the lengthy battle between heirs of holocaust survivors and the insurance companies.

The pitch for a new film in development by Sony Pictures may star Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock. As improbable as it sounds, the movie will tell a suspenseful story about insurance companies and the Holocaust, an epic battle that led to one of the largest programs of Holocaust restitution.

But this is Hollywood, after all, a town with a well-earned reputation for not letting reality get in the way of a good story. This new attempt to cash in on a Holocaust tale is no exception.

Sandra Bullock

At the story’s center are the heirs of a wealthy Hungarian wine merchant, Mor Stern, who was murdered at Auschwitz. His grandchildren forced a major European insurance company, Generali, to compensate them for his pre-war insurance policy, which the company had long refused to admit even existed. The case was unprecedented and opened the floodgates to multi-billion dollar compensation funds set up for Holocaust survivors and their families by European governments and businesses in the late 1990s.

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