Tel Aviv Central Bus Station Gets Funky for Rosh Hashanah

The TCM Festival, which starts at 10 A.M. on Monday September 17 offers a holiday alternative for music lovers.

Bloggers and indie musicians will join forces for the Central Bus Station Festival, a special Rosh Hashanah event which will take Monday, September 17, beginning at 10:00 A.M., on the seventh floor of the new Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv.

The event is being held in cooperation with Haozen Hashlishit (The Third Ear), one of the leading purveyors of alternative music and cinema in Israel.                       

The event features an impressive roster of artists, including Uzi Ramirez, Acollective, I Got The Hotties, Funk’n’stein, Yehu Yaron, Sandhaus, Computer Camp, theAngelcy, The Raw Men Empire, 1:1 hosting actor Rami Heuberger, Crunch, Electric Zoo, Rotem Or, Ryskinder, Sadyle, One 2 Many, the Liars, Shaelet Nefotza, The Savage Detectives, Liron Amram, Bela Tarr, Sun Tailor, Aviv Ben Ezra, Botimzog, Lorna B, Vaadat Charigim and Umlala.

The festival’s organizers say most of the bands taking part are receiving only base pay along with a percentage of the festival’s profits.

Anyone who would like to support the festival may do so over the next month via a fundraising campaign at

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