Hitler May Have Married a Jew, DNA Evidence Shows

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Undated photo of Adolf Hitler, with his dog Blondi, and his mistress Eva Braun posing on the Terrace of the Berghof, Berchtesgaden, Germany.Credit: AP

Adolf Hitler may have married a Jew, a New Channel 4 documentary, scheduled to air on Wednesday, reveals, according to a report on the Huffington Post.

The Dead Famous DNA film analyzed the DNA of hair samples taken from a brush believed to have belonged to Eva Braun, who married the Nazi leader shortly before the two committed suicide in 1945. According to the report in the Huffington Post, the documentary found that the DNA sample had a particular sequence passed down the maternal line called haplogroup N1b1, which is "strongly associated" with Ashkenazi Jews.

The brush was discovered by an American intelligence officer at the end of World War II in Hitler's Alpine residence, the Berghof, where Braun spent much of her time since getting romantically involved with Hitler. The brush was found in a case with the gold initials EB.

Braun grew up Catholic and was certainly not a practicing Jew, but if the DNA evidence is true, her maternal linage is descended from Ashkenazi Jews. One possibility is that one of Braun's ancestors was one of the many German Jews who converted to Catholicism during the 19th century.

Though Braun was a longtime companion of Hitler's, a fact kept from the German public throughout the war, their marriage was short lived. They wed in a civil ceremony as Russian troops were fighting to gain control of Berlin. They both committed suicide less than 40 hours later; Braun took a cyanide capsule, while Hitler shot himself.

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