H&M Yanks 'anti-Semitic' Undershirt With Star and Skull

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The tank top in question, decorated with a large Star of David and skull.Credit: Twitter

Fashion retail giant H&M has yanked a sleeveless undershirt for men featuring a Star of David encasing a grinning skull after fielding complaints, JC.com reports.
H&M, which opened shop in Israel too in 2010, added that it was not only taking the offending garments off its shelves: it's canceled orders for more of the tank-tops.

On shopper wrote that the undershirt juxtaposed " a Jewish symbol with satanic imagery," which stank of "classic" anti-Semitism."

Meanwhile, back in the Holy Land H&M has been quite the hit. Shoppers stampeded its Tel Aviv launch in March 2010. The next day, pro-Palestinian groups called for a global boycott of H&M to protest it doing business in Israel. The Sweden-based chain stayed on nonetheless, remaining popular among Israelis in part for its relatively modest prices for fashion.

In late 2013 the chain advised shoppers that it might have to raise its traditionally low prices in order to increase pay to workers in the Bangladesh and Cambodia who were earning $2 a day.

Today H&M has 14 stores and outlets around Israel, according to the company website.

At H&M's first store in Tel Aviv.Credit: Eyal Toueg