Shofar, So Good: 'The Great Blowout' Aims to Shatter Guinness Record

Organizers hope 1,500 people will set a new world record for 'largest Shofar ensemble' on Sunday in Whippany, NJ.

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Shimon Keinan blows a shofar in his workshop in Givaat Yoav in the Golan Heights September 16, 2014.Credit: Reuters

The sound of a mass shofar-blowing event may reverberate throughout New Jersey on Sunday – and may even reach as far as the Guinness World Records headquarters in London.

Organizers of "The Great Shofar Blowout" are hoping that 1,500 horn-wielding individuals will show up in Whippany, N.J., to break the record for the "Largest Shofar Ensemble."

The event is being hosted by The Partnership for Jewish Learning and Life, together with dozens of organizations, including synagogues, schools, and camps.

The event seeks to "build pride around the ancient Jewish tradition of blowing Shofar" ahead of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, organizers said in a statement. "This will be a celebration of Jewish unity and community."

Besides shofar-blowing, there will be special classes for learning how to use the ancient Jewish instrument, live music, jewelry and other merchandise stands and food vendors.

"You do not need to be proficient in Shofar blowing to participate," the event's hosts said. "Just make a noise."